About Us

Science & Technology Entrepreneurs’ Park (STEP-GNDEC)

(Promoted by DST, Govt. of India, PSCS & T, Govt. of Punjab & NSET)

An Autonomous College u/s {2(F) & 12(B)} of UGC Act-1956

Gill Road, Gill Park, Ludhiana-141006(PB)

Science & Technology Entrepreneurs’ Park (STEP-GNDEC),Gill Road, Ludhiana established in 1986 has been conducting successfully Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EACS) of 3 days duration under the aegis of Deptt. Of Science & Technology (DST) Govt. of India and Entrepreneurship Institute (EDI, Ahmadabad). These programmes have proved successful tremulously amongst students, trainees, who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs and thinking of starting their own ventures. These programmes are also providing the training to the faculty members of the different Science & Technology institution by getting information about how to inspire the students to become entrepreneurs along with their daily studies. Many NGO’s and budding entrepreneurs are also being benefited from these programmes.

STEP conducts Entrepreneurship awareness camps to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of the students. In each EAC, students are exposed to different aspects of entrepreneurship, including opportunity guidance, services offered by agencies of support system etc. A visit to the industries located in the STEP-GNDEC is also arranged to bring the students in direct touch with practicing entrepreneurs.