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Computer Application

Description/What you'll learn

Computer Applications play a very important role in today's scenario as every individual is significantly dependent on machines. A computer is one such machine, which has made its presence in every walk of our life. With the wide range of applications, it has to offer, the need for learning computer science is now more than ever. The recent boom in the IT Industry tells us that the experts in the field of computer applications are needed both in India and abroad. Moreover, with the government's ambitious plan of digitalization, it may go a notch higher. The huge gap in demand and supply in the field of computer applications help them command a better salary. There's a slight difference between Computer science and Computer applications which people usually tend to ignore. Computer Science is a detailed and systematic study of the fundamentals of working on a computer, whereas computer applications are the study of the application of computer software. In short, while the former is a study of how computers work, the latter helps us understand all sorts of work that can be done on a computer.

Most used Technologies:

Future job opportunities

IT Companies

After gaining practical knowledge of designing and development, students will be able to get placed in IT companies.

Government sector

The knowledge of business application softwares make students eligible for data entry operator in govt. sector


Having complete knowledge that how the website is being designed and developed, make students able to become freelancer.


If you hold a DCA certificate you can be employed in these sectors: healthcare, IT, finance, trading, transportation and education.

Graduate Benefits

There is a growing need for qualified computer engineers and a DCA can help you create a multi-faceted career in the industry. If you hold a DCA diploma you can be employed in these sectors: healthcare, IT, finance, trading, transportation, software, and education. So if you want a degree that has diverse opportunities for you then a BCA is the right option for you.

Self Development

Skillset is the engine of self development.


It is about uncovering the best in you.


Alumni are the face of any organization.